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MCS provides several services related to vehicle licensing and dealing with traffic units such as:

Renewal of license to any vehicle CC
Renewal of license to a vehicle that will undergo technical examination
A vehicle license having a ban on its sale from a bank
Moving the vehicle license from one traffic unit to another and renewing it

MCS provides its license services to private and corporate vehicles.

How to book your license service

Call 01025585666/ or email: info@mcs-eg.com and ask about the service.
Our Customer Service representative will explain the service and answer any inquiry regarding your vehicle license.

In case there are no obstacles the service of issuing or renewing of vehicle license would only take less than one hour.

The documents needed for issuing & renewing a vehicle license: Click here

Our services cover the following geographical locations  

All traffic units in Cairo, Giza, Al Qalyubia, Alexandria, Damietta, and Al Mansoura